Justamere Equestrian Centre


Champion and Reserve Champion awards will be presented in the following divisions:

  • Beginner Equitation-Qualifying Classes: 10 & 20
  • Intermediate Equitation-Qualifying Classes: 6 & 19
  • Advanced Equitation - Qualifying Classes: 2 & 18
  • Introductory Level Dressage-Qualifying Classes: 25-26-27
  • Training Level Dressage-Qualifying Classes: 28-29-30
  • Junior Hunter-Qualifying Classes: 3-14-22
  • Green Hunter-Qualifying Classes: 9 & 24
  • Open Hunter-Qualifying Classes: 5 & 23
  • Beginner Hunter-Qualifying Classes: 11 & 21
  • Walk/Trot-Qualifying Classes: 12-13-16-17

In order to qualify for Year End Awards, the rider MUST participate in 3 of the 4 HJDA shows. Competitors must be entered in the FINAL SHOW to receive year end awards. No prizes will be mailed.

Riders do NOT need to ride the same horse in order to qualify for year end awards. Points will follow the rider, no matter what horse they ride in a show or throughout the season. Riders will still need to enter 3 of the 4 shows to qualify, but will not need to have the same horse during the season.

In the event of a tie for champion/reserve champion, ties will be broken based on the high points for that day's show. if that is the same, then it will be broken based on the highest points in jumping classes for that day's show. If, after all of that, tie is still not broken, then the Judge of the show has the final say.