Justamere Equestrian Centre
HJDA Class Descriptions and General Show Information

Please note: We feel our shows offer a relaxed opportunity for both horses and riders. To keep things fun and fair, please enter only those divisions you are qualified to ride in. Professionals and those over-qualified are welcome to ride in the Warm Up, Open, Green, or Sweepstakes classes. Or you may school your horse in any of the other classes, but please indicate that you are riding hors' concours so you will not be placed. Thank you. 

Order of Go:  All over fences classes will be run according to a random order of go, which can be found in the Show Program (received at rider check-in). In the event of a conflict between the dressage ring and the hunter/jumper ring, the dressage test must be ridden first as times are assigned to each ride. The conflicting class in the hunt ring will be held until the test is ridden.

Please enter consistent levels: Example: Intermediate over Fences with Intermediate on the Flat NOT Advanced over Fences and Intermediate on the Flat.  Keep in mind a Junior rider may enter an Intermediate class since Junior indicates the AGE of the rider & Intermediate is the SKILL of the rider. Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner are SKILL based division.  Basically the idea is, if you're able to ride in an advanced jumping class, then your skill in the flat classes should also be advanced. 

In Hunter Classes, the Horse will be judged on manners, jumping style and way of moving. Extreme speeds will be penalized. Three refusals in any over fences class constitute disqualification. In Equitation classes, the Rider will be judged on correct position, seat, hands, guidance and control of mount.

Sweepstakes Classes

Payback class. The additional $5 entry fee in each class will go towards that class’s jackpot. WINNER TAKES ALL!!  Minimum of 4 entries per class for the class to run.

Sweepstakes classes offered:

1. Gamblers Choice Sweepstakes: Each rider will have one minute from the time they attempt/complete the first jump to accumulate as many points as they can based on only these three posted jumps:  X-Rails = 5 points  Gate = 10 points  Roll-top = 15 points. If any other jump is completed besides these three jumps, 10 points will be deducted. If a jump is knocked down, that jump’s points will be deducted. It is ok to do one jump over & over! Rider with the most points wins the jackpot!! In the case of a tie, a jump off will decide; therefore, all riders are requested to stay near the ring until the class is completed.

2. Medal Sweepstakes: Equitation Class. Will contain a course of 8 fences 2’ to 2’ 6”, which is posted the morning of the show. Riders will ride the first course in the posted order of go. After all entrants have completed their individual rides, the judge will then make up another course "on the spot" which will be announced over the speakers twice and told directly to the riders in the ring.

Entrants will remain in the ring during the 2nd course and will ride according to reverse placing order i.e. the rider that came in last will ride first, the rider who came in second to last will ride next and so on until the first place rider is last to complete the second course. The combined points of both rides will determine the placing of the class. Winner takes the jackpot.

The course may include a trot jump, halt, roll-back, or dismount. Judged on the rider’s ability to accurately guide the horse around the course of jumps and keep accurate and appropriate pace, stride, rhythm, balance, lead and to jump from an accurate and safe spot in front of the jump. Rider’s position- especially position across the jump- is a consideration in that it will affect an accurate performance. 

Warm up over fences: Judged class.  

Warm Up O/F High: Course of 8 Fences Height 2' to 2' 3"
Warm Up O/F Low: Course of cross rails & low 18" verticals. For the beginner rider. 

Advanced Equitation: For Advanced Riders
Over fences: Course of 8 Fences Height up to 2' 9" and may include in & out, rollback or change in direction.
On the Flat:  Walk/Trot/Canter both directions and may include work without stirrups, or pattern at Judge's discretion

Intermediate Equitation: For Intermediate Riders
Over fences: Course of 6-8 Fences Heights up to 2' 3" Consists of lower verticals, straight poles, etc.
On the Flat: Walk/Trot/Canter in both directions

Beginner Equitation: For Beginner Riders
Over fences: Course of 6-8 low verticals (up to 18") and cross-rails.
On the Flat: Walk/Trot/Canter both directions with diagonals and leads to count.

Open Hunter: For all riders
Over Fences: Course of 6-8 fences Heights 2’ to 2’ 6”
On the Flat:  Walk/Trot/Canter both directions

Junior Hunter: For riders 17 & Under as of Jan 1st of the current show year
Over Fences: Course of 6-8 fences ranging in height up to 2' 6"
On the Flat:   Walk/Trot/Canter both directions

Green Hunter: For Horses that are in their 1st or 2nd year of showing at ANY SHOW
Over Fences: Course of 6-8 low verticals (up to 18") and cross-rails.
On the Flat:   Walk/Trot/Canter both directions

Beginner Hunter: For Riders in their 1st or 2nd year of showing that have not jumped over 2' 3" at any show
Over Fences: Course of 6-8 low verticals (up to 18") and cross-rails
On the Flat: Walk/Trot/Canter both directions

Hunter Hack: Open and Junior. Walk/Trot/Canter both directions as a group. 2 fences (cross rail & vertical) taken individually.

Pole Piles: The Pole Piles class is designed for riders who are beginning jumpers. Entrants compete over a course of "jumps" either trot or canter that can be described as two standards with a pile of poles between them. 

Trot Poles: A course of ground poles to be trotted. Riders in this class may not enter into any other classes except Walk/Trot, Pole Piles & Introductory Level Dressage.

Walk Trot: Equitation and Hunter Divisions. For those horses/riders not able to canter in a group class. Riders in this class may not enter into any other classes except Trot Poles, Pole Piles and Introductory Level Dressage.

GRAND CHAMPION OF THE DAY: The rider with the most overall points at each HJDA show will be awarded Grand Champion of the Day at the end of the show. Points will be based on the year end point system and apply to all classes of the show. In the event of a tie, the rider with the highest jumping points that day wins. If there is still a tie, then the highest dressage score (if applicable to both riders) will break the tie. If there is still a tie, the Judge has the final say.


Classes follow current USDF/USEF Rules and Standards for Tack

Tests: All dressage tests are current 2019 USEF/USDF test. NO hard copies of tests will be provided to Exhibitors. CLICK HERE for copies of current tests.

Ride Times: Every consideration is given when assigning ride times with regards to rider’s choice of Hunter classes. Depending on show size, conflicts may be unavoidable. In the event of a conflict between classes, the Dressage test must be ridden first as times are assigned to each ride. The conflicting class in the hunt arena will be held until the test is ridden.  Please do not request Ride Times as they are assigned according to the size of show & number of entries. Requests for ride times will not be honored.

Test of Choice: First Level & Above: Please specify the Level and Test you plan to ride on your entry form. Class may be entered up to 3 times with same horse/rider combination. Each ride must be ridden with a different test following USEF/USDF rules regarding showing consecutive levels.

General Show Information

Tack: USEF rules apply to all classes.

Standing Martingales optional in Over Fences classes but prohibited in On the Flat classes.
Running Martingales, Boots, Wraps, and Bandages are Prohibited!

Riding Attire: Coat, traditional button show shirt, tall or paddock boots, breeches. Riders under 10 years old have the option of full show attire OR may wear white 'polo' shirt, tan breeches & paddock boots.

Schooling: Available in dressage & jump arenas the day before the show only. Arenas are closed for final dragging at 7:00 p.m. No schooling permitted in the arenas the day of the show. Sand warm up ring and 2nd dressage ring is available

Lunging: Lunging permitted on Sunday morning until 7:00 a.m. in warm up ring. After 7:00 a.m. lunging is permitted on the grass area north of show arena.

Fees: All fees MUST accompany entry form or it will not be accepted! (Exception: Justamere Lesson Students see below)  See entry form for class fees.

Closing Date: All entries must be received by 7 pm on closing date

Post Entry Fee: Entries not received (actually received by, not just postmarked) by closing date will be assessed Post Entry Fees. Pay close attention to the closing date listed! Hate to be cranky about this, but seriously, help me out here.... get your entries in on time! 

Stabling: Stalls are $35 with 1st bedding provided. Additional bags of bedding available for $8 per bag. Please specify on entry if stall is needed overnight or day of show and if there is a preference to be stabled with your barn and/or next to another rider. Tack stalls are based on availability. 10 x 10 permanent stalls with door in barn and 10 x 10 wooden temporary stalls with door in indoor ring. STALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Stalls available on Saturday after 1:00 p.m.

Refunds: Refunds on class fees only will be granted prior to closing date. Refunds after the closing date for class fees only will be provided with a valid veterinary certificate & proper notification to Show Secretary. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS ON STALL OR OFFICE FEES.  Refunds will not be given due to weather related conditions unless the entire show has been canceled by the show management. There are no refunds for scratched classes the day of the show.

JUSTAMERE LESSON STUDENTS ONLY: Student Registration form & $20 fee (applied toward show fees) MUST be received by show closing date. Classes will be selected by your trainer & emailed to you (if email on file) prior to the show. If registration form is not turned in by closing date, rider will not be entered in the show.

Please Note:

  • This should be a no-brainer, but there is NO SMOKING anywhere inside the barn or aisle ways
  • A processing fee of $35 plus collection fees will be charged for any non-negotiable check
  • All riders must wear protective headgear while mounted
  • All horses brought to the facility (whether showing or not) must provide a negative coggins per Michigan Law
  • Concessions are offered on the show grounds
  • Dogs must be leashed
  • The public is always welcome. There is no charge to watch the show!

Management: The horse show management reserves the right to itself refuse, accept conditionally, or to cancel any entries, disqualify any riders or exhibitors and to prohibit exhibition of entries, without claim for damages; to change any course, to cancel or combine classes if insufficient entries warrant or to reschedule classes after due notice to exhibitors; to change judges, to change specifications in jumper classes as competition warrants.

Under the Michigan Equine Activity Liability Act, an Equine Professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in an equine activity resulting from an inherent risk of the equine activity. Management will not be responsible for any damage to a person, animal, or property at Justamere Equestrian Centre, nor will Management be responsible for any property lost or destroyed. Each exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless from all claims and demands of any kind or nature arising from such exhibitor, his employees, guests, children, animals, or property exhibiting on or in the show grounds. This is a condition of entry.

Questions?? Please contact the show secretary, Kathy Biondo, at kathleenbiondo@gmail.com