Justamere Equestrian Centre

Riding Lessons at Justamere Equestrian Centre

Justamere is a stress free place to learn to ride. We have excellent beginner horses to teach you how to control a horse, not just be a passenger on a 1,000 pound animal, in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

We specialize in helping beginners and non-beginners from seven to seventy get started (or re-started) on the right foot with horses safely and enjoyably. Ms. Slavic, with 45+ years of teaching experience, has helped countless students establish or improve their riding skills.

We host several shows right on the grounds, which are open to our boarders, students, and riders from surrounding farms. If you would like more information regarding lessons, or to schedule a time to visit our facility, please call 586-295-1313 or email us.

Ready to learn to ride?

Lessons are scheduled by appointment only. All new students will begin with a private lesson to determine their riding ability. Inexperienced riders will remain in private lesson and receive one-on-one instruction while they learn the fundamental skills necessary to riding. Once they have learned the basic skills they may move on to group lessons with riders of the same ability. More experienced riders may enter a group at the appropriate level once they've been evaluated during their private lesson.

First time students should wear boots with a heel. No flip flops, sandals, or open toed shoes. Proper riding boots are required by the 5th lesson. Riding breeches or long cotton pants (no jeans, shorts or capris) are recommended. Gloves are also recommended. Safety helmet MUST be worn by rider, regardless of age or skill. Saddle and all other necessary horse tack (including the horse) are provided.

Please call 586-295-1313 to schedule your first lesson

Private Lesson

Private 1/2 hour lesson


Group Lesson

Group One Hour Lesson