Justamere Equestrian Centre

Boarding at Justamere Equestrian Centre

Boarders enjoy 40 acres with trails, great amenities and a variety of shows on the premises.

Horse Care

  • Turn-out 7 days a week (except in severe weather)
  • Feedings twice per day
  • Round bales in turnout specifically grown for horses
  • Daily stall cleaning
  • Good quality hay
  • Supplements supplied by owner are administered at no additional cost
  • Feel free to use your own vet and/or farrier
  • Or, if you'd like, join in with other boarders when we arrange for a vet to do vaccinations, yearly exams, dental cleaning, etc. in order to save on barn call fees


  • Indoor Arena ~ 120 x 160 well-lit and not dusty
  • Outdoor Arenas ~ One 120 x 210 well-lit and fenced, Two standard sized dressage arenas and one warm up area (un-fenced)
Lessons, private and group, are available, but not required. Boarders are welcome to ride even while lessons are taking place.