Justamere Equestrian Centre Inc
Hunter Jumper Dressage Association
2009 Class list

1. Warm Up Over Fences (2’3”-2’9”)

19. Junior Hunter on the flat

2. Advanced Equitation Over Fences (2’6”-2’9”)

20. Adult Hunter on the flat

3. Junior Hunter Over Fences (2’6”-2’9”)

21. Green Hunter on the flat

4. Intermediate Equitation Over Fences (up to 2’3”)

22. Short Stirrup Equitation

5. Warm Up Over Fences Low (x-rails-low verticals 18”)

23. Short Stirrup Hunter on the flat

6. Short Stirrup Hunt O/F (x-rails-low verticals 18”)

24. Walk Trot Equitation

7. Short Stirrup Eq Over Fences (x-rails-low verticals 18”)

25. Walk Trot Hunter on the flat

8. Beginner Eq Over Fences (x-rails-low verticals 18”)

DRESSAGE (may not run in this order)

9. Adult Hunter Over Fences (x-rails-low verticals 18”)

26. Introductory Level-Test A

10. Green Hunter Over Fences (x-rails-low verticals 18”)

27. Junior Rider Introductory Level-Test A

11. Trot Poles

28. Introductory Level-Test B

12. Short Stirrup Trot Poles

29. Junior Rider Introductory Level-Test B

13. Short Stirrup Hunter Hack

30. Training Level-Test 1

14. Junior Hunter Hack

31. Training Level-Test

15. Adult Hunter Hack

32. Training Level-Test 3

16. Advanced Equitation

33 Training Level-Test 4

17. Intermediate Equitation

34. Test of Choice-First Level and above

18. Beginner Equitation


General Show Information

Please enter a consistent level i.e. Adv Over Fences & Adv On the Flat not Advanced O/F and Intermediate On the Flat

Walk Trot Entrants may not enter any other class other than Class 11-12. Dressage Classes 26-29 are permitted

Classes 11-12 may not enter any other jumping classes

Class 34 may be entered up to 4 times per show with the same horse/rider combo. Each ride must be a different test and follow USDF rules regarding showing consecutive levels. Please specify Level/Test on entry form


Schooling Times: Schooling available in dressage & jump arenas day before the show ONLY. Arena’s closed for final dragging at dusk. No schooling permitted in any arena on show day. Sand warm up arena is available. Lunging is permitted ONLY on the grass area north of show arena


Stabling: Stalls are $35 with 1st bedding provided. Due to limited stalling, no tack stalls are available. Please specify on entry if stall is needed overnight/day of show & barn name (if applicable) or stabled next to preference. STALL FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE


Fees: All fees MUST accompany entry form or it will not be accepted

Closing Date/Post Entry/Late Fees: All entries must be received by 7pm on closing date or a post entry fee of $20 per entry will assessed. Pay close attention to the closing date listed, as there will be NO EXCEPTIONS











MAIL ENTRIES TO: Kathy Biondo 14133 Bournemuth Shelby Twp MI 48315


____HJDA #1             ____HJDA #2             ____HJDA #3             ____HJDA #4

June 21                       July 19                         August 16                    September 13

Closes June 14              Closes July 12                Closes Aug 9                  Closes Sept 6


NOTE Entry will not be accepted unless accompanied by full payment & negative Coggins test
Visit www.justamere.info for a detailed description of classes


NAME: _______________________________________________


HORSE NAME: _______________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________
RIDER DOB: _____­­­­­­______________

CITY, STATE & ZIP___________________________________________________________

PHONE: ______________________ Email: ______________________________________________________


Indicate below by number and description which classes you wish to enter.
Class #             Class Description                                 Class #             Class Description

_______          ____________________________    ________        _____________________________

_______          ____________________________    ________        _____________________________

_______          ____________________________    ________        _____________________________

_______          ____________________________    ________        _____________________________

_______          ____________________________    ________        _____________________________

Test of Choice (Dressage)
For those exhibitors riding First Level & Above, please indicate which test(s) you will ride

Test                  Level                                       Test                  Level

_______                  ______________________                    ________                _________________


_______                  ______________________                    ________                _________________


Total Hunter/Jumper Classes (________ x $15)


Total Dressage Classes         (________ x $20)


Stabling ($35)  Arrival after 2pm only   Please check one: Arrive Saturday ___ Arrive Sunday____ 


Haul-In Fee ($15) Mandatory, If not paying for a stall Per entry


Barn Name/Stable Next To:


Extra Bedding - Number of Bags________ ($8 each)     1st Bedding is  included with stall fee


Use of School Horse per Class (________ x $5)


Office Fee (non-refundable)   Per Entry


Add $20 per entry if received after 7pm on closing date


Rider/Class Changes (________ x $5 per change day of the show)


Total Entry Fee (Make Checks payable to Justamere Equestrian Centre)



OFFICE USE ONLY:   ZH______________     ZB________________    BACK #______________             PAYMENT METHOD______________

Questions? Contact Kathy at kathysday@wideopenwest.com or call 586-489-3020

WARNING:  Under the Michigan Equine Activity Liability Act, an Equine Professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in an equine activity resulting from an inherent risk of the equine activity.

I agree to assume the risk of showing at the above named show and waive any claims against the stable, owners, Show Management and the Hunter Jumper and Dressage Association for any injuries to attendants,horses or myself.  I further agree to waive any claims for property damage arising from showing at the above named show.  I agree to abide by the rules under which these shows are conducted


Rider­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________ ­­­­­      Parent (required if under 18) __________________Date_______