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Strictly Dressage Show

Offering Introductory Levels through 2nd Level and above, as well as Prix Caprilli, Dressage Suitability and Dressage Equitation Classes. All tests are 2015 USEF tests.
Classes follow current USDF/USEF Rules and Standards for Tack

Midwest Dressage Association Awards: Scores earned at our shows may be used for MDA year end schooling award for current MDA members. Consult your MDA directory for more information. Remember to save your original test as you will need it in order to submit scores to the MDA. We do not keep copies of completed tests.

Tests: All dressage tests are current 2015 USEF/USDF test. NO hard copies of tests will be provided to Exhibitors. CLICK HERE for copies of current tests.

Ride Times: Ride times will be posted on this website the Thursday prior to the show and can be found HERE.

Please specify the Level and Test you plan to ride on your entry form. Class may be entered up to 3 times with same horse/rider combination. Each ride must be ridden with a different test following USEF/USDF rules regarding showing consecutive levels.

A Prix Caprilli, named after the great Italian rider who was the father of the modern forward seat for jumping, is a dressage test with jumps included. The tests have the same movements as a preliminary/novice dressage test and include the requirement for horse and rider to trot and/or canter over single jumps. The judges will judge this test the same as a normal dressage test that includes technical marks for the movement, impulsion, submission and riding.

The emphasis is not the jumping style of the horse; it is on the horse’s relaxation, obedience and evenness of pace. It is a dressage test that happens to have jumps in the way and the jumps should not disrupt the standard performance expected in a dressage test.

It is worth thinking about the riding style you will adopt over the jumps as you will need to establish a position over the jumps that assists the horse in freely jumping over the jump without any resistance.

CLICK HERE for copies of all dressage tests. Please note that hard copies of tests are NOT available the day of the show