Justamere Equestrian Centre

We welcome all disciplines of riding and we have a very mixed group of riders & boarders. Some ride English and some ride Western, all are friendly and very supportive of one another. The only thing that is a constant with our boarders & riders is that they are all terrific people!
There truly is an atmosphere at Justamere that is hard to beat, and it is all due to the kind people who come here because, plain and simple, they love horses. Justamere will always remain a welcoming and friendly type of place, as it has for over 30 years!
We hope you'll take a few moments to look around and see for yourself all Justamere has to offer. Be sure to check out the Meet The Owner page, where you can read of Twila Slavic's background and how she became an equestrian instructor.
The Rainbow Bridge page is dedicated to those truly wonderful horses who have crossed over that Rainbow Bridge and who are remembered with love.
If you have any questions or would like to be included on Justamere's email List for the latest news & updates, please send us an Email